Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Viewers Choice

So, we've been taking suggestions for the Superheroes to draw from MCA students and alumni...but now that SHCC has grown to include people outside of the school, we would like to know what YOU would like to do!

Please comment here with suggestions for heroes and villains to redesign... themed ones are great (and encouraged) too!

PS--If someone comments with something you'd like to do as well, please make sure to second their suggestion so we know to give it even more consideration!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Next hero...

Storm from the X-Men!

All Ororo Munroes are due by Sunday, September 5th.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Here are the Skeletor redesigns! (A day late, but this allowed a few people to wrap theirs up and submit, and I think a lot of these came out finished and nice!)

Patricia Celestine Martinez's adorable Skeletor:

When receiving a pet, in Skeletors case a purple panther, you cant help but feel all the excited butterflies in your tummy!!!
This is a younger happy version of Skeletor before someone bullied and hurt his beloved kitty and turned him into the evil villain we know him to be now.

Scott Milton Brazee's slender Skeletor:

Skeletor the bane of He-man's existence. Don't let his seemingly slender appearance decive you, through his viens runs pure evil.

Julian Godinez's menacing Skeletor:

For my take on skeletor, I tried to make him a bit more menacing without straying too far from the things about his current design that make him iconic. I thought it would be cool to make his design a bit more like a mummy with armor.

Lauren Rae Holtermann's hipster Skeletor:

Skeletor's floppy purple hood reminds me of those obnoxious American Apparel hoodies Hi-Tone hipsters wear, so that's what I turned him into.

Brian Truesby's baby Skeletor:

I set out to make Skeletor and company as adorable as humanly possible. Redesigning him as a toddler clad in footsie pajamas with Panthor cub may have been overkill, though.
Decided to counterbalance the cute with some Havoc Rattle inflicted He-man violence. Failed miserably.

Aman Chaundhary's Skeletor:

Erik M. Held's witchdoctor Skeletor:

I give you Skele-tor, the witchdoctor from Eternia's past. He is a "regular" Eternian, but prehistoric compared to Prince Adam, Teela and the like. His fel sorceries - and the hand of another - have sent him hurtling through time to the "present," a veritable hi-tech utopia under King Randor, sixth of his name (to see his arrival, read the attached "Bone-Man." I couldn't help myself; I had to write it). He quickly proves himself a great threat through his black arts and determination to overthrow Randor's decadence and machinery. His is a danger that only be countered by summoning and ancient warrior's spirit into a living vessel....

I decided to abandon the skull-for-a-head and instead we have paint mimicking the look of a skull. The feather necklace approximates old Skeletor's shoulder garb. Dangling from a leather cord you have a large, pierced eyeball with a bone above it, much like the original's chest symbol. The leather "skirt" pieces have bones stitched through and more eyeballs sewn on for effect. Feathers on the shins hint at his old boots. You can't go wrong with a ram's skull on a giant mammal bone as a talisman of power.

Shane McDermott's biker Skeletor:

Skeletor as envisioned as a Road Sorcerer who dispenses evil on his Panthor cycle. His skull is the result of a serious case of road rash. I originally planned on making the bike black and dressing him in various shades and textures of black and gray, but ultimately, the original color scheme won. Good times.

Welcome again to new contributors, and I'd like to remind everyone that ANYONE is welcome to submit!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Daredevils!

As promised on the Facebook group, here's a special post with a few more AMAZING Daredevil variations from artist Sillof. He e-mailed me after the DDs were over with these figures he had made, and I just had to share.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

SHCC on Facebook

SHCC is on Facebook. Add us for announcements, discussions, galleries and just so we know you like us!

The next redesign...

The next redesign, due BY August 15th (NO late submissions accepted after I wake up and post on Sunday, I will post them ON Sunday this time however since a few people sent me them Saturday night due to work and such) is...


No theme this time, but try to have fun with it. He's a really iconic dude with plenty of room to mess around with his design.

Please remember, e-mail these to 23spades@gmail.com with your full name, web address, and a few sentences about your design if you so choose. (I recommend it now that I've seen the DDs, they look a lot better with a little text beneath them).