Monday, October 8, 2012

SHCC Halloween Bash Partners and Background Reveal!

We'll start with the partners. Listing them here this morning, then expect an email this afternoon/evening with your partners contact information! All names were written on slips of paper, folded, put in a Magic: The Gathering deck box and drawn by Allison Vandevander at random. Here goes:

Sheli Hay and Tim Johnson
Bryan Rollins and Joel Priddy
Zac Johnson and Gavin Guidry
Nathan Seabolt and Sam Hall
Erik Johnson and Yu Lyn Chen
Joey Mason and Guillermo Quintero
Joe McCormick and Dmitrios Kasdaglis
Dawlism and Ilias Kyriazis
Alfonso Morales and Aaron Shultz
Joshua Smith and Justin Wheeler
Shane McDermott and Elliot Boyette
Kayla Cline and Allison Vandevander
Alex Getts and Matt Ryan
Henry Northman and Hector Barros
Biddy Seveno and Jordan Hammer

The background you will be using (will be sent to you in jpg and psd format) was done by Bryan Rollins. I think we can all agree this is INCREDIBLE: