Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scarlet Witch in Literature

I was sad to see the lack of submissions this round--but still liking the results! If anyone would like to have more suggestions for who to do next/themes to do, please post them in the comments!

Joel Priddy's Scarlet Witch:

Juan Antonio Rodrÿffffedguez Armas' Scarlet Witch:

Urganda la Desconocida (Urganda the Unknown or Unrecognized) a character of Amadis of Gaul, the most important Spanish chivalric romance. She is a sorceress with magical powers and a talent for prophecy who favour knight errant Amadis de Gaula Also is appeared in Don Quixote as secondary character.

She was a witch and her name sound like the name of Scarlett Witch, (I know it´s a terrible joke)

Whitney Hubbard's Scarlet Witch:

I went with Medea as my literary inspiration. I picked the character Medea because both she and the Scarlet Witch had these really tragic stories involving their children being killed. Medea actually killed her own children as revenge against her husband Jason, and depending on the verison of the story you read, she may or may not have fed them to Jason too. Which is disgusting.

Alex Getts' Scarlet Witch:

The first thing I thought of when I read the "literature" theme was Breakfast at Tiffany's. Of course, I think the film is more well-known than the novella, so I used Audrey Hepburn as my template when redesigning the Scarlet Witch as a Holly Golightly-esque figure, switching the trademark black for the Witch's signature color.

The next hero and theme will be announced sometime tomorrow or Tuesday, December 6th or 7th. We will still be accepting Scarlet Witches whenever you are finished with them, so send them to whenever possible, and don't forget to post suggestions in the comments!


  1. Interesting submissions! It's cool to see what kind of literary cues people took. With the holidays, I think a Christmas theme might be interesting. I'd also be interested in taking a team and making them into a rock band (kind of like the Nightwing/music theme, but with a group like the Avengers) or as a children's fable. I'd also be interested in redesigning the Green Goblin, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Batgirl, Two-Face...there's too many!

  2. I like Alex's idea of doing a superhero team as a rock band...that could definitely be pretty awesome. A cool thing to try might be coming up with a basic origin for an original character then having participants design the character. Everyone would work off of the same "origin story" but visualize the character in a different manner. I know it's not like the redesign things you guys have been doing here, but it would be an interesting experiment.

  3. I agree, that would be an interesting and, I think, fun experiment.

  4. I wanted to do a Scarlet Letter Scarlet witch. Time was not willing though. too much going on.

  5. I love Joel's piece, it gives me a sort of Tin Tin feel. Very cool.

    What if we did one where we design a costume as if secret identities switched alter ego's. for instance what if Clark Kent was the Green Arrow, or Peter Parker was the Batman?

  6. I like the working off of the same origin story idea. Another one I have is a role swap thing. For example redesign the Joker as a hero or Superman as a villain or something.

  7. "For example redesign the Joker as a hero or Superman as a villain or something."

    Aaron: That´s a great idea. I would love to do a evil version of avengers or Spiderman like Crime Syndicate of America

  8. I just found this website! I can't wait until you announce another theme!

  9. You could head back the 90s and do some new cross-universe Amalgamations.