Monday, January 24, 2011

February-March Crossover Theme!

As you may have heard over at Project Rooftop, we are participating in a giant crossover with Whitechapel, PR and Superhero of the Month for February up until March!

The character of choice is Aquaman and the theme that Superhero Coco will be using for this challenge will be to design Aquaman in the combination of a different culture and different time. For example, you could end up with Nazi Aquaman, African tribal Aquaman, American pride Aquaman, Mesoamerican Aquaman, creative, have fun, and you have plenty of time to submit!

Submissions will be due by March 1st, 2011~ so submit soon! Mail your images to!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Superhero Theater Posters

Here are the entries received for the Superhero Theater Poster theme!

Whitney Hubbard

Kyle Frink

Seni Oyewole
I chose Clint and Anne because I thought they would've been able to pull it off. This would've been late '50s because of how popular science fiction films were around those times.

Warren Newsom
Empire Studios presents the most ridiculously fantastic movie of 1948, Vincent Minelli’s “Breakfast with Mephisto.” It’s the tale of a handsome, young costumed vigilante (as played by the most athletic actor of his era – Gene Kelly) and his beautiful wife (the breathtaking Rita Hayworth), and the terrible deal they get from – er… the terrible deal they make with the Devil (as embodied by the unimaginable Joe Quesada).

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder the hell why!

Jeremy Todd

The next theme (which might be a surprise event...) will be posted soon! Sorry for the lag in posts, school starting up again and break and finals really put us behind. We're doing our best to stay on top of things! See you soon!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Superhero Theater Posters! *EXTENSION*

SORRY GUYS we meant to post this extension earlier, and I thought we had, but it is extended until the 23rd!!! -Kayla

Sorry for the wait everyone, We've been busy lately with the holiday thingy; Hopefully this will start the New Year off right. The new theme will be Superhero Theater Posters before the 60's. Basically, Imagine how a superhero movie would be have been made during any decade before the 60's. For example, How would have __________'s costume been made in the _________'s, How would they have done the effects, who would have played__________. What would the poster for the movie have looked like? Submissions will be due Mon. 1/17/11 Have fun with this one and have a great New Years!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Machines and Monsters

No this isn't a new entry, its the blog of comrade and fellow SHCC contributor Alex Barton. He has a pretty awesome idea going, so everyone should go check it out at: