Monday, July 18, 2011

July-August Theme

In light of Harley's less-than-logical redesign, she is the new theme to re-open SHCC!

I don't think there will be an specific idea to follow in redesigning her...I'm pretty sure ANYTHING is better than the redesign she was given, so have fun with it and do anything you want! I think she is a character that will be easy to explore and recreate with an imaginative twist.

Submissions will be due by August 31st, 2011~ so submit soon! Mail your images to!


  1. Oh man we're back!

    Let's show her the response she deserves.

  2. Is the deadline supposed to be July 31 instead of August?

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  4. I'm going to attempt to take part... this is an easy/hard challenge; easy because you're right; anything is better than the latest redesign... but hard because the "classic" Harley costume is so GREAT!