Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fire and Ice

Here are the 1920s themed Fire and Ice entries. We will be accepting entries up until Halloween for this theme as well, because we got AMAZING results this time around and got a lot of e-mails expressing further interest in submissions/wanting to submit if more time allowed. So keep them coming guys!

Christopher Duran's Fire and Ice:

Maya N's Fire and Ice:

Marie Provence's Fire:

Michael Nelsen's Fire and Ice:

Ronnie Munter's Fire and Ice:

Stephanie Kern's Fire and Ice:

Jack Foster's Fire and Ice:


  1. Wow! Great stuff. Extra points Maya N for the JLI line up! I love Guy's emerald cig.

  2. These are all so inspired! Awesome stuff, guys.

  3. Yeah, This stuff Is amazing! really very cool. I just couldn't make it into this one. I got over whelmed with stuff.

  4. So the new hero will be announced after Halloween?

  5. Sweet! Just want to let folks over at SHotM know, and hopefully get a chance to work one up myself.