Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here are the musical genre/movement themed Nightwings! I'm impressed with the variety we received this time around.

Justin Wheeler's Nightwing:

Brittany Seiveno's Raver Nightwing:

Kayla Cline's Baroness Album Cover Nightwing:

Alex Barton's Metal Nightwing:

Elliot Boyette's Punk Rock Nightwing:

Michael Vinson's Jazz Nightwing:

I don't really have a description for him, other than he is a 1940's Jazz/Big Band Nightwing. You could always go with the obvious pun: "He had such a bland costume I thought I would jazz it up."

Brian le Golem's Disco Nightwing:

Erik M. Held's Nightwing:

"This next one's for Barbara...." Richard Grayson, performing live all this week at the Nightwing Lounge, Gotham City's premiere blues club! Really, this is a guy at a piano, save that the glasses have a modified version of his Nightwing (3rd costume) logo. Also, he's smiling a little, as Grayson is eternally optimistic, compared to his mentor, concert pianist Bruce Waynovitsky. Pardon the sketch; no time to ink or scan properly.

Juan Antonio Rodrÿffffedguez Armas' Glam Nightwing:

Calvin Vankeersbilck's Nightwing:

My design is Nightwing as a member of a mid 1960's Mod band. I think of them more similar to the Who, or The Kinks, rather than the Byrds or the Monkees.
I tried to combine Nightwing's whole costume history in the design, the tie represents the yellow wing pattern that was on his first two costumes, and the blue tones are also there to reflect that. I decided to go with a grayish purple rather than black for the jacket because the black really washed out the details.
For the Robins I decided to try and represent versions of their different costumes.
I also tried to embody the different personalities in each outfit, Damian was given an edwardian Arthur Rimbaud like style, the green is a lot more subtle.
And Jason's outfit looks kind of like he's trying really hard to be cool, and not pulling it off as well.

Jeremy Todd's Nightwing:

The idea was kind of a Jimi Hendrix-esque look for Nigthwing. I was trying to brainstorm what kind of look from class rock would work for Nightwing and came across a picture of Hendrix in this Hussar's jacket. I thought all the piping would make a nice parallel to his 70s look and allow for a big collar. The western shirt kind of continues the look. And the guitar strap pays tribute to the Robin/Batman utility belt.

Thanks for submitting to the regulars, and to the new contributors as well! As usual, the next superhero will be announced later tonight, so keep looking.


  1. I remember seeing Raver Nightwing on your blog Biddy. Fun little tweak changing the gender.

    Michael, awesome look for Nightwing. Love the hat.

  2. Oh my gosh, +the Robins is just perfect.