Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here are the entries received for the Aquaman in a different time/culture theme!

Joel Priddy
Ye Olde Aquaman

Steampunk Aquaman

Viking Aquaman by Arlen.

Zephan Osiris

David J. Cutler
-Aquagent, the Aquaman of Victorian England! I love Aquaman and I figured the easiest way to make him seem more formidable was to take him back to a time before man could fly, when the waterways and trade routes were extremely important and constantly under siege by pirates and bandits and what have you. Aquagent protects the ships on the oceans as well as guarding the lost city of Atlantis--a drowned city rich in treasure and destructive magics--from his half brother, the rogue admiral Ocean Master, and the mad-inventor turned deep sea plunderer Black Manta. I spent way too much time thinking this out.

Adam Day

Kyle Frink
This is a picture of the 1900th century French explore turned environmentalist; Antoine Curie.

Jared Konopitski

Aaron Radney
Born to the king of Atlantis and a polynesian mother the young aquaman spent his early childhood beneath the surface in Atlantis. Then a freak tragedy orchestrated by an enemy of the royal family wrecked h is home and separated him from his family. Stranded, he floated to the surface and found himself among his mother's family who recognized him and took him in. As he grew people were a bit weary of the pale skin he inherited from his Atlantean father but the young Aquaman proved to be a formidable warrior among his people and as an adult seeks to overthrow the usurper in his kingdom beneath the waves while he balances living in the surface and undersea worlds.

Josh Lynch

Warren Newsom

Tomas Overbai

Seni Oyewole

Alex H. Mitchell

Whew! If any links were missed or names misspelled, please let us know by e-mailing 23spades@gmail.com. I tried my best to use the shorter descriptions, and I did not post the Aquamen that were not fitting to the theme (though they were neat to look at!)

The next theme will be posted soon! Thanks again for your participation!


  1. Nice work all around. I've seen some of these about, and it's awesome to see them all together. David's in particular is pretty rad. I love olden-daye swimwear.

    I'm a bit disappointed that my Japanese period-drama-style Aquaman didn't make the cut, but I suppose there are reasons.

  2. Adam Day's is cool. Love Kyle Frink's piece, too! Awesome stuff!

  3. Baron-

    As established via e-mail, that was a mistake, and next time It would be preferable to handle bumps and accidents like that via e-mail rather than the comment section on the posts.