Monday, January 24, 2011

February-March Crossover Theme!

As you may have heard over at Project Rooftop, we are participating in a giant crossover with Whitechapel, PR and Superhero of the Month for February up until March!

The character of choice is Aquaman and the theme that Superhero Coco will be using for this challenge will be to design Aquaman in the combination of a different culture and different time. For example, you could end up with Nazi Aquaman, African tribal Aquaman, American pride Aquaman, Mesoamerican Aquaman, creative, have fun, and you have plenty of time to submit!

Submissions will be due by March 1st, 2011~ so submit soon! Mail your images to!


  1. Hello! Do you accept submissions that were created prior to the contest announcement? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

  2. Of course that's not a stupid question! If you have something that fits the criteria of the theme...then totally! That'd be awesome! E-mail it to!

  3. I really like this one too. I'm almost done with the drawing stage for mine.

  4. Do we have till the end of day on the 1st march?
    I'm starting mine really REALLY late.