Saturday, July 17, 2010


Alex Barton's two otherworldly Catwomen:

Matt Ryan's classy Catwoman:

Marie Provence's nautical Catwoman:

Elliot Boyette's adorable Catwoman and Catwoman with lovely background!:

Justin Wheeler's Catwoman:

Kayla Cline's Roller Derby Catwoman:

Shane McDermott's Piratey Catwoman:

Derrick Dent's Victorian Catwoman:

Jemma Salume's Catwoman:

Let us know what you think!

Also guys, would there be an easier way to get a hold of everyone? Not everyone emailed me the designs and I had to go find them. Would a facebook group ESPECIALLY for Superhero Coco be better? Let me know.


  1. Alex, I'm a fan of the cat eye lenses in her mask. That adds a dimension to catliness you don't get from human eyes. Her whip-holdin hand needs some work, though. REFERENCE!

    Matt, next time you bring an uncolored, floating torso to the table I'm going to publicly make fun of you.

    Marie, catfishwoman is awesome and you have to stick with the nautical theme as long as you can. It's fun. I hope we get to see the colored one from your blog on here, though. (gentle nudge)

    Elliot, For the most part the anatomy's fine, but her left arm gets a little sausage linky at the elbow. The brush textures are nice and I think the foreground building line art/brush texture combo is just the right amount of detail. I think the bacground buildings are a bit too impressionistic, though and could use a similar treatment.

    Justin, Wholesome Catwoman = fun. The little bits of slate blue we see in her costume paired with the pink background and the yellow belt = simple and lovely. Drybrush = getting better! Kitten accomplices = too cute. That smidge of circle between her feet that's still black = oops. If you straightened out her left arm you'd see it's a bit too long and I can only hope the fingers on her left hand grow back and that the accident wasn't too painful.

    Kayla, I'm a fan of her not having a mask and the black cat tattoos are her signature. The roller derby concept is fun and I want to see a comic about it. There's something pleasing about orange, red, white and black me, anyway. The devious expression on an otherwise cute kitten is great as well. My only wish is that you loved drawing the scroll at the bottom as much as you loved drawing Catwoman. I think she deserves revisitting, but with a more carefully rendered and swirling scroll tht sits slightly higher on her calf or behind it.

    Shane, you suck. Go back to art school and don't quit your day job. I'm not even being sarcastic.

    Derrick, the brushwork is gorgeous and the detail on the dress is lovely lovely. I only ask two things of you: a colored version and a short comic about her adventures...IMMEDIATELY! Great work, sir.

    Jemma, Hi! Simple and elegant lines. This inking is lovely. The muted colors are also lovely. The pale purples and oranges workng together in the pillows makes my eyes happy. Adventurer, Thief of antiquities Catwoman is a great spin as well. Please tell me the background is a scan.

  2. I'm a fan of Alex's alien appeal he puts in all of his work. It's creepin me out!!! I think the outfit in the second one appeals to me in every aspect but the furry collar. It doesn't really go with the rest well.

    I'm not sure if this was Matt's finished one....I snagged it from facebook because he didn't e-mail here's hoping I don't get in trouble!

    Same with Marie's, I couldn't find the colored version so the black and white. I'm not sure if I'm as much of a fan of the nautical theme as you are. I love this drawing, the line quality and everything about it appeals to me, but i just don't see Catwoman in it. Also, I think those screw-elbows would do more harm swimming than good.

    I don't know if Elliot's was finished or not, haha...another grab from facebook.

    I like Justin's. GOOD JORB. Her torso is really thick though.

    Kayla's is awesome and amazing and she rulez.

    Shane, yours is great. I love your line quality and your photoshop skillz. I am envious.

    I am also jealous of Derrick's brush skillz. I wish there were a colored version of this. It's so catty and perfect!

    And Jemma, dannnggg. Like I said on LJ, this is simply amazing. It really makes me aspire to get better at digital work which is what i've been working at slowly. Shane, I'm pretty sure that's a codex scan...but I could be wrong.

  3. Ahh, I see. It looks like a scan of a codex...which is cool. If, however it is an original drawring of a codex then we have all been shamed.

  4. Keep your pride where it is guys, that's a scan. :P

    Great job everyone! Victoricat and Rollercat are my favorites and need to have some kind of insane team-up.

  5. Thanks, Ms. Salume. I can rest easy now. Your LBFA contributions are great and my favorite moment is Kurt in the Bunny costume.

  6. Rollercat Victoricat teamup would be BA. Rollerderby Catwoman would do all the beatin while Victorian Catwoman does all the thinkin'.