Saturday, July 31, 2010


Here are the Daredevils I received! I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the turnout, and I'm sure you will be too. Everyone should be really proud of their work this time. Unfortunately, I didn't receive every DD I expected to (I saw a few in-process that weren't sent in on time), if I get those within the next few days I can tack them onto the end of this post.

Marie Provence's Caveman DD:

She adds: "Here's my Daredevil. I have to confess, I'm not much of a super hero follower so this guy was fairly new to me. However, I liked this description of him:
"Matt Murdock is blinded by a radioactive substance that falls from an oncoming vehicle. Despite not being able to see anymore, the radioactive exposure heightens his remaining senses beyond normal human ability."

So I ran with the idea of blindness and dwelling in a cave. I liked the idea of camouflage in the cave surroundings, so his coloration and his horns kind of resemble the stalagmites on the floor of the cave. I also nabbed his posture from other images of the original Marvel Daredevil."

Kayla Cline's Fuedal Japan DD:

Alex Barton's erm...futuristic pre-1900s DD? Haha, we love you Alex:

Gavin Guidry's Native American DD (If you have a link to link you back to, please comment below and I'll add it!):

Kenneth Shofela Coker's Acrobatic DD:

Shane McDermott's Old West DDs:

Stefan Grambart's Rennaisance DD:

He adds: "After going through a bunch of thumbnails for different periods, I settled on Renaissance era Venice for my Daredevil makeover."

Derrick Dent's Old West DD:

Justin Wheeler's DD:

He adds: "In Ireland at the early part of the 1700's, English Rule over Ireland dictated that all Catholics must convert to the protestant faith or face execution. The majority of the Catholic churches were destroyed and many of the Catholics that chose to resist conversion were forced to flee. The English went so far as to hire... Priest Hunters to track and kill the Priests that resisted conversion. Some Priests chose to hold Catholic masses in the woods, cloaking themselves in order to not be outed. I re-imagined daredevil as a priest during this time. I wanted to make him look more devilish and beast-like while retaining an accurate depiction to the garb of the times. I imagined him as a priest that felt that what the English were doing was working against God. So he fights for his congregation dressed as the devil, a martyr to the godlessness and the sinful nature of the killings of his people. so um yeah....these are the sketches."

Guillermo Quintero's Feudal Daredevil:

Cody Barnhill's DD:

He adds: "I liked the idea of Matt Murdock having a scrappy seeing eye dog. This would lend him such devastating moves as, " SEEING EYE DOG PUNCH!" or, "SEEING EYE DOG LIVING SHIELD". I decided to go with plain clothes design because everyone knows Matt Murdock is DareDevil now anyway, regardless of Danny Rand's attempts to fool the public. So, if Matt is a lawyer and the crime fighter DD, why not stream line things and have a battle-business suite, appropriately colored, with reasonable everyday items used as weapons?"

Elliot Boyette's DD Knight:

He adds:"I decided to do a Knights Templar version of Daredevil where upon learning he has been doing the work of the devil in the Crusades he curses God and thinks him wrong. God answers by blinding him for his arrogance but in an ironic twist of fate he accepts a deal from Satan where he gains demonic powers/abilities to be able to fight for the Holy Land while promising his soul to Hell as a sacrifice."

I think everyone will agree that the turnout this time was great, and I think i'll continue to have superhero designs submitted every two weeks. And to any readers/lurkers who are curious, you are VERY welcome to submit at any time!

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  1. Great jorb, e'rybody. There are some really interesting ideas and some lovely illustrating. Also, welcome aboard, new people!