Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Next Hero...

Due to the intended broad subject matter of the next redesign, I'm going to go ahead and announce this one early to give people a little extra time for research/thinking before starting with the designs. BUT...the theme is:

Pre 1900's Daredevil. Anything before the 1900s is fair game, as long as it is still clear that it's Daredevil.

So... get to brainstormin'!


  1. Yes!!!! Its time to get to work on the Nov..a... um.. wait! What? Daredevil. Yeah he's cool and all but.. But. Oh well...

    Narator of Alex's life -
    "Alex curls up in the corner and cry's by himself. He now realizes in a state of utter despondency that he has no friends and should give up on life, no one shares his love of nova, and just as nova is a hero lost in space; Alex is a loser lost in the never ending void of


    In memory of Alex K. Barton
    "No one loved you..."

  2. Alex...I love you I promise. We will have to do Nova.

  3. I totally was like.. "hey kayla, lets do Nova, he's such a cool character." and she was all, "pssh, fat chance."

    true story.

  4. Alex - Your all devils! Liars and twisters of the truth!

    Narrator of Alex's life-
    Suddenly an ancient power coursed through Alex's body. Unknowable and unforeseen this power was bestowed upon him to avenge the innocent and rid the Blog of the demons that had possessed his friends and prevented him from making changes that were for the betterment of the whole.
    Alex Ran off into the digital darkness only to return and exert his true power later.

  5. I'm not going to have a petty argument over Daredevil Vs. Nova but really lets be serious as far as who would win in a fight to the death. Hands down Nova would would beat Daredevil. They are both cool but as far as there line up of lives saved Nova also wins (He is a great super hero!)
    However as far as coolness they stand on equal ground (in my mind). But, When it comes right down to it... in pure popularity Daredevil is a god, but really come on Wheeler, I thought you would be on the side of the underdog even if Daredevil is your favorite. Give respect where respect is due. He is up and coming in the past few years. And you can bet after Nova there are many other intergalactic hero/villans that need attention. Thanos. Drax the Destroyer! God your making me want to go reread the Annihilation saga.

    The narrator of Alex's life-

    Alex's now revived corps infused with the ancient powers of the universe used his new skills to exert logic on the demons knowing pure force would only escalate the matter and in the process making The demon possessing wheeler a martyr. Rage against his cause was not what he wanted. Alex's spoke his piece and pressed on into the digital darkness

  6. I'd like to put my name in for Daredevil's supremacy over Nova.

  7. I am posting from the future where we know that Nova is way better than daredevil Gavin... Sorry you lose.