Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is SHCC?

I've gotten a few e-mails referring to what we do here at SHCC as a contest. It isn't, just to clarify. Anyone and everyone is welcome, and no one wins some splendid prize for the "best ever _____". It's just a way to network, share ideas, and enjoy each others artwork, creativity and love of all things superhero related.

There is indeed a core group of us from the Memphis College of Art that tend to contribute every time (more or less) and that I consider regulars, but there are also regulars NOT from MCA, people that I've never met.

It's not a contest, or an exclusive club...just draw, submit and enjoy!

ALSO to address a point brought up by a submitter, entries MUST be drawn by YOU. No tracing, generators or coloring line art drawn by someone else.

I hope this clears some things up and that I will get to see many entries from everyone, and many new faces in the coming months!


  1. Wow! Huge let down! I thought this was a scholarship program! Boy was I mistaken! I thought I was competing for the best thing ever in the world of all time of times. All that work! For nothing! well bye! never coming to this stupid blog ever again!


  2. Do you post submissions that are unrelated to the events going on at the time? For example if someone redesigned a really cool nightcrawler or something would you post it? Or do you guys only post things in relation to the event like the current Nightwing one.

  3. I've not seen SHCC do that; it's more of something Project Rooftop does.

  4. Calvin,

    Like Alex G. said, that is definitely more of a PR thing. We do our redesigns based on a theme so everyone can see how everyone else interpreted the set theme. I'm sure my fellow mods wouldn't mind seeing (possibly) a DIFFERENT hero interpreted through the theme of the time, but I agree that the idea of just a redesign being put up is P:R territory. Thanks for the question!

    Oh, and Alex B...don't be a smartass! :P