Thursday, January 20, 2011

Superhero Theater Posters! *EXTENSION*

SORRY GUYS we meant to post this extension earlier, and I thought we had, but it is extended until the 23rd!!! -Kayla

Sorry for the wait everyone, We've been busy lately with the holiday thingy; Hopefully this will start the New Year off right. The new theme will be Superhero Theater Posters before the 60's. Basically, Imagine how a superhero movie would be have been made during any decade before the 60's. For example, How would have __________'s costume been made in the _________'s, How would they have done the effects, who would have played__________. What would the poster for the movie have looked like? Submissions will be due Mon. 1/17/11 Have fun with this one and have a great New Years!

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