Monday, September 20, 2010

ATTN: Nova Contributors

Justin got an e-mail from a blog watcher that took particular interest in the Nova submissions. It went as follows:

"As a main contributor for Nova Prime Page and Cosmic Book News and a long time Nova fan (I mean long time) I have to say coming across your blog and seeing how you taken Nova and re-interpreted him as mythical variations is excellent - especially the Ra ones - although out of all of them I love the first one as he's very near to my own Nova619 redesign. If you'd like to send any of them to the fan art gallery at Nova Prime Page (google it) - if you contact webmaster Doug Smith c/o I'm sure he'd be happy to put them in the gallery there!"

If you're interested in submitting your Nova to his gallery, the webmaster's address is listed above ( Thanks again for all the great work, guys!

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