Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Next hero...

The next hero, to be e-mailed to 23spades@gmail.com BY September 19, is...

This time, back by popular demand, he will be themed. Your job is to take Nova and interpret him through a culture's mythology. You could, for example, interpret him through Greek mythology and treat him like Apollo. (BUT, any culture can be used.)

Since he is basically (from my understanding of Alex's explanation of him) a friggin' sun and fights evil planets or something, he should fit into a mythological context pretty easily!


  1. The future has come and Nova shall rain down fire on your faces with his greatness! He shall save baby's and help old ladys across the street, and still have time to stop tea, and save the universe! It's time! IT IS TIME!!!!!!! Ha Ha HAAAA HAAHAHA AH AAAAAAAH ah wo! whoa... Um... Got a little carried away there...


    (The narrator of Alex's life)

    Alex Ran around the room screaming with joy as tiers ran down his face and his wife looked at him an smiled with understanding and realization she was married to a little boy.

  2. (the narrator of the narrator of Alex's life)

    The narrator of the narrator of Alex's life was beside himself with glee as he hurriedly typed his narration and selected "post" without first conducting a spellcheck or combing for grammatical errors.

  3. Hahahahahha I just caught the "tiers"/"tears" typo...

  4. It should also be babies instead of baby's and ladies instead of ladys. I'm going out on a limb, but I think he means for Nova to have time to stop for tea and to not actually stop tea. Stop tea from what? Who's Tea and why do they need to be stopped? I'm going to fix this sentence.

    He shall save babies, help old ladies across the street, still have time to stop for tea and save the universe!

    Also his wife looked at him AND smiled is a less incorrect way of saying looked at him AN smiled.

    Alex's wife read his post and realized he had the grammar of a little boy.

    My work here is done.

  5. (The narrator of Alex's life)

    Alex reads the harsh words that his professor has written and only feels sad. Sad because he has been made fun of for his leaning disabilities his entire life. Alex sadly cannot tell the difference when reading back his post. Its very hard for Alex to tell the difference between tiers and tears. Its also very hard for Alex to construct sentences with correct punctuation. Alex Feels he is doing well to spell or pull a sentence together at all. Alex cry's... And feels very sad all his friends made fun of him.

  6. (The Narrator Of Alex's life)

    Alex only wishes for love and understanding... And for the demons that posses his friends body's to be removed.

  7. ehem...I think you mean friends' bodies.