Sunday, September 5, 2010


Here are the Storms! We didn't get as much of a response this time around, hopefully due to the fact school is starting and everyone is busy...I hope to see more submissions next time around!

Rudy Jordan's Storm:

This is Mizz 'Ro, queen of the meteorological system of planet Earth and the imaginary 1st world African country of Wakanda. This design is the antithesis of Storm's current AXM look (not AXM:Xenogenesis, that look's great), where she's being portrayed as a Tina Turner (circa Thunderdome)-impersonating, drag-queen/bag lady who feels the need to wear everything in her wardrobe all at the same time. I wanted her to have the sleek silhouette she sported during her biker punk heyday, that's why she doesn't have a cape. The lower half of the costume harks back to her silver Jim Lee jump suit and the top half to her legendary Dave Cockrum black leather bathing suit with peekaboo holes.

Don Edwards' Storm:

No description given.

Scott Brazee's Storm:

Storm: Ororo in a casual everyday outfit. I wanted to pay tribute to the classic X-men uniform hence the yellow and black color scheme. Also it may to small to see but in addition to the X on her head band the buttons on her scarf and shirt as well as the straps on her shoes also have X's on them.

Kayla Cline's Storm:

I decided to just try and interpret her in my style. The arm is pretty straight and weird, I know, but I like it. It's kind of sloppy and unfinished because I was trying out inking with this new brush...I gave her an iguana because I based her a little on my roommate, Angel. There's a hurricane viewed from a satellite overlayed on top of her.

Marie Provence's Storm:

No description given.

Erik M. Held's Storm:

Prof. O. Munroe, the Weather Mistress: Donning her vortex pack, Munroe becomes a defender of her people against the threat of the gentlemanly villains, the Stormlords. The contraption sucks in weather, breaks it apart into light, wind and water particulates (19th century science!) and redirects it accordingly to 1) the Lightning Gun, 2) wind cannons/propulsion packs, 3) optilights, 4) anti-personnel vents, 5) shock stick and a few other odds and ends. All controlled by a few cranks,a switch and the steam regulatrix. She can even reconfigure the apparatus to briefly contol a local weather system. Is there nothing copper pipe and SCIENCE can't do??

Thanks for submitting! The next superhero will be announced tomorrow, so keep looking.

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  1. I think school really was the hindrance here. I know it was in my case. I'm REALLY hoping to be on board for the next one!